Vincent Sheppard brings indoor comfort outside


New designs by Alain Gilles, Bertrand Lejoly and Studio Segers are being introduced in Vincent Sheppard's 2022 outdoor collection. With the addition of modular sofas, new finishes, and atmospheric accessories, the brand aims to create a homely environment outdoors, tailored to your environment. 


Modular outdoor furniture 

Any outdoor space is different.  The available space, type of usage and style will play a key role in deciding which furniture pieces are the right fit for you. And that's were modular furniture comes in. Still, although you might picture L- or U-shaped configurations, Vincent Sheppard offers modular furniture which goes beyond that.


Lento lounge set by Vincent Sheppard

Their new Lento collection consists of an extensive array of furniture pieces which can be arranged into different positions, but can completely be styled to stand on their own as well. The Lento chaise longue for example, pairs beautifully with a Lento lounge corner, but can also be used as an eye-catching stand-alone piece.


"The collection's flexibility makes it suitable for any outdoor space. From residences to hotel terraces or corporate spaces, Lento is ideal for sprawling types of usage. "


Different options Lento collection


New finishes

Finding outdoor furniture which is low-maintenance, durable and beautiful is quite rare. Still, Vincent Sheppard manages to offer stunning furniture which ticks all boxes. The Kodo collection, for example, is loved by many thanks to its outstanding qualities. 

Light aluminium, weather-resistant rope and ceramic come together in the designs by Belgian design studio Studio Segers.  The collection's inviting shapes and pleasant seating comfort in combination with the use of high-quality materials makes Kodo very successful.

Vincent Sheppard's best-selling Kodo collection is now also available in the colour Dune white. The calming tone offers a complete new look to the range while preserving its iconic design. The new ceramic table tops in the colour Shards are inspired by Venetian terrazzo tiling, which offers a structured yet refined look.


Kodo lounge set in Dune white and ceramic Shards

Kodo dining set in the colour Dune white with ceramic table top in Shards


Atmospheric accessories

During the last couple of years, the appeal to turn outdoor areas into comfortable living spaces has become increasingly important. People love spending time outdoors and want to experience the same level of comfort in open air as they are accustomed to indoors. In addition to comfortable lounge chairs, sofas, dining tables, and chairs, atmospheric accessories play a significant role in making your garden the extension of your indoor area.


Outdoor lanterns

Design solar lanterns can create an inviting ambience in the blink of an eye. Vincent Sheppard's stylish outdoor lanterns add a warm glow to outdoor spaces and are available in different sizes. The cordless lights feature a solar led module. Charge during the day and illuminate the cosy evenings wherever you like, be it near your pool, in a terrace corner or hanging in a tree.


Mora lanterns by Vincent Sheppard

Tika lanterns

Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs are great for making outdoor spaces more stylish and comfortable as well. They create a homely cosiness and are perfect for dividing outdoor areas into different lounge or dining areas. By choosing an outdoor carpet in shades that complement your colour scheme, you can really bring together different design elements.

Vincent Sheppard's outdoor rugs are made to withstand rain, sun, snow and dirt. Their new Cliff carpet matches perfectly with the Lento collection



Outdoor collection 2022

With an extensive array of high-quality outdoor pieces in different materials, configurations, and finishes, Vincent Sheppard offers a solution for every outdoor area. The whole collection, with designs from Alain Gilles, Studio Segers, and Bertrand Lejoly, continues the dialogue between indoor and outdoor living. Let's get outdoors!


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