Importance of 3D modeling for interior design [3 reasons]


It is said that an image speaks louder than words. Currently, video probably speaks even louder. But what about 3D modeling? 360° views and zoom enable you to view every detail at every angle at any place.  Three-dimensional visualization is not longer a nice-to-have in the design industry, it has become a real game-changer.  


Unparalleled visualization

Getting plans approved by customers often is a matter of understanding. How well can they visualize the project the way the designer or architect imagined it? It is quite difficult for them to understand creative designs without seeing them in real life. Luckily, that's where 3D comes in. Thanks to realistic visualization, project presentations find place in a much more efficient way. This directly increases the chances of getting a project approved.


Render Wicked collection and Tika lantern

Download 3D-bestanden


Ease of making amendments

The ease, speed, accuracy and finesse of 3D visualizations opens up possibilities. Designers and architects can experiment and come up with multiple virtual design options without incurring additional costs.  

Furthermore, customer feedback can be implemented in real-time. Modifications can be made easily by changing, replacing or shifting elements in a virtual area, which positively affects project approvals. 


Rise of CAD libraries

There is a growing number of online CAD libraries such as 3D Warehouse. These enable you to collect 3Ds from buildings to famous car models and furniture pieces.  Create multiple designs of the total project including items, materials, fittings and furniture, arranged in a specific area as per the client’s requirements. Additionally, you can create 3D libraries of all the frequently-used items, which speeds up the process of designing.



The importance of 3D modeling is only increasing as this offers a better visualization of projects, facilitates the design process and decreases costs while offering more room for creativity. 3Ds can freely be downloaded from most furniture brands to easily save them to their CAD library. 


Get access to 3D models

During the past couple of years, Vincent Sheppard  has invested in 3D modeling to offer its customers an even better service. Download them now!


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