3 home decor trends for 2022

Lento lounge chair by Vincent Sheppard


3 interior design trends

Vincent Sheppard X Francq Colors

From hyperlocal to unique designs and sunny Riviera style. Together with the renowned design studio Francq Colors, we are happy to introduce you to the latest interior design trends. Wondering what colors, textures and materials we really appreciate these days? Discover 3 big trends below in our first trend blog post!


1. Hyperlocal and distinctive

During the pandemic, everyone spent a lot of time at home. That we got to know or rediscover our immediate environment much better, is something I probably don't need to tell you. The urge to support local brands and entrepreneurs is more present than ever. 

Designers rediscovered their neighbourhood as well. Local materials and traditions from their own region inspired them to get creative. Working with local crops such as flax, straw and grass is typical of the "hyperlocal" trend. Moreover, they often use traditional techniques to incorporate those natural materials into a design. The combination of local materials and traditions creates characteristic designs that give a certain individuality to your interior. 


Titus lounge chair


2. Natural and artisanal


Instead of global uniformity, we crave typical, unique products. Handmade furniture and decoration with materials in their natural form, or colored with natural pigments, are very popular. Think of natural oak or rattan. Also cane or webbing, a technique in which rattan peel is woven into fine wicker with typical holes, fits completely within the artisanal trend. 


Titus dining chair


Imperfections make it clear that these are handmade products. Think, for example, of solid wood tables with a unique grain pattern and natural wood nuts, or leather with a weathered patina. 

Artisanal trend colours

  • Soft stone tones
  • matte sand- or limestone
  • unglazed bricks


3. French Riviera style

The brocante and antique feel is reflected in the preference for nostalgic patterns such as the classic plaid, thick stripes in warm tones and floral or plant motifs. Those elements of brocante and folklore are linked to the traditions of a specific region. So the trend will look different on every continent. Thus, we already see handmade ceramics from a variety of local traditions. 

Riviera trend colours

  • Soft nudes, pink and light yellow reflect the sunny southern French Riviera style with a warm colour palette that creates a summery atmosphere.
  • Retro orange, mustard, brown and beige tones breathe the atmosphere of brocant markets and vintage stores.
  • The ubiquitous yellow brings a nostalgic feel.
  • Natural combinations of beige and sand tones.


Lento lounge chair

Titus lounge chair Loop lounge chair in Terracotta

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